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Creating Confident Smiles at Every Age

Nothing says “confidence” like a beautiful smile! Dr. Edgar Alb has been preserving, enhancing, and creating confident smiles in Woodbridge and the surrounding communities for over twenty years. Dr. Alb and Dr. Patel, and their dental care team offer complete general and cosmetic dentistry at affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of care. Our mission is to ensure everyone who walks through our doors leaves with a healthy, gorgeous smile and the knowledge that their oral health has never been in better hands.

Complete Care with Compassion

Do not let dental anxiety, self-consciousness about missing or damaged teeth, or fear of the unknown have kept you from seeing us. Our friendly, caring staff will put you at ease, answer your questions, and explain your options with respect and warmth. Providing solutions to your dental health issues that enhance your life is our greatest source of satisfaction.

Our comprehensive approach to dental care includes using advanced technologies not often found in a dentist’s office. We understand you’re busy, so we structure every visit to our office with you in mind. Your specific needs are considered every step of the way to minimize downtime and ensure we develop the appropriate treatment plan. The result? Superior care from people you know and trust.

Protecting Your Smile

Drs. Alb and Patel want your teeth to last a lifetime, with preserving them their first priority.

Restoring Your Smile

When your teeth are beyond repair or have already been lost, we can restore your smile and quality of life using advanced technology and the latest innovations in natural-looking, comfortable dental restorations.

Enhancing Your Smile

A healthy smile is just the start. Our cosmetic dental procedures can take your smile from fine to fabulous.

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